Our results

We build an internationally recognized sales and motivational system that is sustainable in the long run

It is challenging enough to achieve good results without good products; but it is almost impossible to do so in the absence of a well-designed, inspiring, dynamic sales and marketing communication system. From 34 countries, we provide our customers with outstanding service. Our goal is 100,000 satisfied customers by 2018 using and recommending our products and services in more than 70 countries.

Don't compromise when it comes to account management

With our participation one of the most precise and flexible account management system in the world, the DMAM (Dynamic Multi Management) was created. The patented DMAM won numerous international awards. It supports the transparency of products we develop and recommend, providing perfect flexibility and accurate account settlement.

We develop and recommend products with outstanding risk return ratio

Our base products function as foreign exchange based investment funds

  • The trades of 21 global traders, with years of successful own trading track records, are copied to our managed accounts, backed by necessary legal arrangements. The takeover of these trades only happens after the security checks are done and necessary adjustments are made.

  • Not knowing each other, our traders are unaffected by the trading decisions of one another. This gives the stage for individual trading strategies.

  • We provide widely diversified portfolios. Trading happens with 28 high liquidity currency pair combinations including the Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Canadian dollar, US dollar, Japanese yen, British pound, Swiss frank and Euro.

  • 5 days a week, 24 hours a day we intend to generate profit from reasonable exchange rate movements to satisfy our customers.

  • The client’s possible corpus loss is mitigated by a software-based capital protection system. 85% of the client’s capital is protected in all circumstances. This dynamic capital protection system is adjusted to the actual capital level at the end of each profitable month. The settings in this system historically provide the rolling corpus capital invested plus last trading month’s gains a collar of protection. Moving forward in time, the client will only risk profit gains, as corpus invested is recalculated monthly.

  • Stop orders are used on every trade. We are committed to protect our clients from sudden losses.

  • Our trading philosophy is "more trade less risk". Using this method our "floating" or "risk of momentum " is usually under 1-2%. On monhtly average 700 trades our outstanding results are achieved with a 60% positive hit rate.In more than 3 years, the biggest drawdown on an account was only 9%.

  • We offer fully transparent products. Unlike almost everyone else on the investment market we provide real time information. A live monitoring of accounts and trading is offered to our customers by Metatrader 4 and on our own developed web office platforms.

  • Our open positions are shown real time. A 40 months statistics database is accessible for everyone. Customer receive daily and monthly reports of past transactions via email.

  • Our products are globally accessible. Increasing the required start amount of 2000 USD or withdrawing the capital and profit is possible at the client's convenience.

  • Flexible and fast online customer service via our weboffice.

  • We offer a cost structure that is transparent, fair and free of hidden costs. Our managed accounts are performance compensation based and above the high-water mark .

  • Our innovative approach allows us to test new products, settings and traders to ensure success in the long run.

Our statistics











Total yields: 47,21%
Average monthly yield: 3,93%
Maximum drawdown: 8,17%
Total trades: 6581
Average monthly trades: 548
Average short/long wins: 63,39%

Total yields: 43,69%
Average monthly yield: 3,64%
Maximum drawdown: 5,05%
Total trades: 5309
Average monthly trades: 442
Average short/long wins: 64,56%

Total yields: +27,25%
Average monthly yield: +2,27%
Maximum drawdown: 8,06%
Total trades: 5838
Average monthly trades: 487
Average short/long wins: 69,44%

Total yields: +38,84%
Average monthly yield: +3,24%
Maximum drawdown: 8,54% (Mar)
Total trades: 7212
Average monthly trades: 601
Average short/long wins: 70,08%

Total yields: +9,08%
Average monthly yield: +1,13%
Maximum drawdown: 4,47% (Mar)
Total trades: 2586
Average monthly trades: 323
Average short/long wins: 67,89%