Managed account


Managed accounts were created based on popularity of investment funds traded on stock markets. Managed accounts are those Forex trading accounts that have client authorization (POA, LPOA) for professional traders or robots to trade with the coverage of the accounts 5 days a week 24 hours a day. Managed accounts can be an excellent solution for those clients who want to have the possibility to earn outstanding returns but lack the sufficient knowledge, time and energy to manage trading on a daily basis.


We have to consider a few important aspects when selecting a managed account.

We have to be aware of the maximum risk of the selected product

Without sufficient market knowledge, trading strategy and experience FOREX trading can have high-risk.

The provider of managed account often sets a capital protection level for his client. The provider always keeps the capital above the previously set capital protection level.

Dynamic capital protection sets the protection level to the capital increased by the achieved profit and reduced by the costs incurred. A well-managed account can have its full invested capital under protection after only a few months of good performance.
From this point onwards we can enjoy the advantages of our high return investment without risk.

We have to be aware of our risk tolerance

We have to evaluate the risk level we are willing to take for the expected return.

Managed account providers - like every financial provider - work with reference performance references. We have to acknowledge that previous results do not guarantee future performance though past risk and return data can help our decision.

Transparent cost structure is also important

It can be annoying to later realize certain costs that deteriorate the result of our investment.

A transparent cost structure is inevitable characteristic of a good product

The time of top secret strategies are over.
A truly reliable provider shows trading in real time and ensures statistics of past results to secure the transparency of their products. Sharing only past-trade results  can cause uncertainty and mistrust in clients.