About us

FX21 mission, vision

► The FX21 vision is to be a recognized consultant firm all around the world by providing our clients with long term, high return investments in a stable and predictable environment.

► The FX21 mission is to explore, develop and recommend outstanding financial and investment products and services to our individual and business clients.

► Our goal is to work with partners and colleagues who are people focused, know the needs of their clients and maintain close relationships with them to facilitate their financial decision-making.

► Our objective is also to have our partners and colleagues to achieve outstanding financial compensations for their quality performances to support the long term goals of our organization and cooperative partners.

We believe

in open communcation, appropriate information sharing and fair cooperation.

Our belief

is that the key to success is continuous development. Based on the feedback of our clients, partners, colleagues and the market, we improve our products and services on a regular basis to be the best choice for our partners, current and future clients.


Insurance product offerings

Efficient communication, quality and customer focused sales were unknown terms in many places of the world. By the early 90s, partially due to participating in Dale Carnegie’s trainings,  we already achieved notable international successes in team building activities and insurance product offerings.


Sell different financial products

Our knowledge, experience, credible relationship network and the trust of our clients created the opportunity to begin to sell a variety of financial products. We sought to expand our relationship base and to increase our financial and sales knowledge by offering alternative pension products, health insurance, medical fund products, investments funds and classic bank products.


Foreign Exchange

The financial crisis made it clear that corporate financial entities -  investment banks and fund managers - are not capable to handle current challenges with enough flexibility. We were at a crossroads at that time. Our knowledge and experience were used in a different way. With 17 years of financial product sales experience we were able to develop stable products that have flexible responses to market changes. We saw the future in the foreign exchange market!


We expanded our client network

4 years of hard work went into exploring and studying the world of Forex.  We expanded our client network in international trade shows. The owners and development group of Forex Club Ltd. together collected information from 800 forex traders about thousands of their accounts. With our 20 years of sales experience we participated in developing one of the world’s biggest account management systems. We were excited to conduct jointly with our development team the test trade of our own forex product, the ST1.



After successful and productive tests we launched our ST1 product on 7/1/2013. Our product exceeded our expectations within the first year.  Thanks to the over 45% gross returns, a fully transparent trading system and super low 8% drawdowns, we serviced our satisfied clients out of 11 countries within the first year.


The year of unstoppable growth

Our client base and the sum of our managed assets increased significantly. The trade risk was kept low during this year as well and was coupled with more than 5000 trades with over 40% gross annual returns. At this point a incredibly heterogeneous, but satisfied client base from 19 countries encouraged us -based on our results - to develop, develop and develop.


We made development our main focus

The account management system was rebuild on new foundations using the experience of 20,000 successful trades. In response to clients’ expectations we launched 3 new higher risk higher return products. Our trading system closed the 3rd year with success. The usual low risk with 27% gross return strengthened our market position.


The year of breakthroughs

We are going to develop new products, new sales channels, new learning and marketing communication tools to be a more dominant financial service provider at an international level.